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Wildlife Photographer of Cheam

Posted: 19/05/17

Students in Years 7 and 8 were invited to compete in a ‘Wildlife Photographer of Cheam 2017’ competition.
Students were given the following criteria:

  • Can be taken with a camera phone or a camera
  • Needs have been taken by you in 2017 (so no summer holiday snaps)
There were an overwhelming number of entries, ranging from flowers to seals on the beach. Miss Cahillane helped to shortlist the entries, which was a challenge in itself because there were so many excellent ones, and Mr Naudi selected the final winning entries.
Reading the winners’ comments you will see the hard work and patience our young budding photographers have in capturing that perfect shot. Hopefully they will inspire you to go out and look at the wildlife around us, and take a picture or two.



First place: Molly Leggett in Year 8 with a rather cheeky looking pigeon.
Molly said: ‘I first developed an interest in wildlife photography when I was 11 years old. 
For as long as I can remember I have always been taking photos especially of nature and animals in their habitats. For my photos I was inspired by lots of documentaries…such as Planet Earth and Springwatch. The reason I chose to focus on a pigeon is that I have previously taken photos of them. Their cheekiness appeals to me and adds a bit of humour to the photo.’
Year 7 was harder to choose from so we awarded first, second and third:
First place: Tom Duckworth with a delectable fungi
Tom says: ‘I enjoyed going into the woods and taking photos of all the different types of wildlife. I entered the competition because I was new to photography and I was trying a new experience in taking photos’.
Second place: Jasmine Tasker with a regal duck
Jasmine says: ‘I decided to enter the photography contest because I’ve always loved wildlife…I got my camera not long ago and started looking at the different ways I could take photos and thought this was a good chance for me… I decided to go to the wildlife centre…I took my time looking at the things that I could take photos of. After taking many many photos I saw a beautiful duck sitting on the side of the path and took all the time I could getting a photo of that one duck.’

Third place: Morgan Jago-Smith with a fangtastic spider
The winners from Year 7 and 8 will get to come on a fantastic trip to the ‘Big Bang Fair’ in July.
Well done to all entries; it was a superb competition and we look forward to the 2018 entries!