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Cheam Goes Green

Posted: 18/09/17

Cheam Goes Green

Exciting news from Mrs White and the Technology department. This year we are setting up a new Gardening Club! 

We are aiming our club at Year 7 and 8 students. The Construction department are very kindly going to make some planters for us to use and we hope to grow a range of herbs, fruits and vegetables with the intention of then using them as ingredients in our Food lessons. 

We are also looking at growing a wild flower meadow and investigating which flowers and plants are good for the environment, particularly in assisting the growth and health of our native bee and butterfly populations.

If you are a green fingered parent or carer, and think you may be able to offer us any spare pots, plant cuttings, seeds or gardening equipment, please do get in touch! We look forward to updating you on the growth of our project over the year.