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Year 9 Attend Engineering Festival

Posted: 3/11/17

Year 9 Attend Engineering Festival

On Tuesday 17th October, 15 Year 9 students attended an Engineering festival in central London. 

We attended two workshops, the second one being a particular favourite as students were all designing their own games on mobile phones. 

We also got to visit some interactive exhibitions where students were testing their reactions, sampling technology and games which had been designed to help people who were in rehabilitation recovering from accidents. 

We also got to watch a dancing robot and students were able to control some robotic trucks to transport materials around. 

Finally, we were able to listen to several very interesting talks. The first was about sound and how we can engineer sound and the possibility of even getting some sound from an ancient mummy. The second was about a book one of the speakers had written called ‘The Knowledge’. The book is about all the things you would need to know if you were to survive an apocalypse. 

The final talk was from a mobile phone app designer and he told us how he had become an app designer and what it involved. 

All talks were very interesting and we enjoyed the entire day. The students did not want to leave at the end as they were too busy and engaged in designing their mobile phone games!