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Sports Days:

Posted: 28/06/19

Sports Days:

Dorchester School

On Friday 21st June, 12 students from Years 7 - 9 met at Dorchester Primary School to help with their sports day. 

The students were put in charge of helping to run different events like ‘Egg and Spoon Race’, ‘Slalom Race’, ‘Penalty Shoot Out’, ‘Javelin’, ‘Sack Race’ and ‘Obstacle Course’. The students were brilliant at helping Reception up to Year 2, in all of the different events, and kept a smile and their enthusiasm throughout the morning. 

We have already had reports on how helpful and supportive our students were, so thank you for all their hard work!



St Dunstans School

On Thursday 20th June, 15 Sports Leaders from Years 7 - 9 travelled to St Dunstan’s Primary School in Cheam Village to help run their KS1 and KS2 Sports Day. 

The day started with KS1 where Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 rotated around a variety of activities. This included an 'Egg and Spoon Race', 'Sack Race' and a 'Big Foot Race'. Our Sports Leaders each managed an activity and grew in confi-
dence as the morning progressed. Many of
our Sports Leaders demonstrated each activity, scored for the teachers as well
as encouraged the younger more nervous
children. Many of St Dunstan’s staff commented on the mature and responsible attitude shown by all our students.

Between KS1 and 2 Sports Days we had some free time. Our Sports Leaders each went into a class ranging from Reception through to Year 5 to help out in general primary school duties. This ranged from listening to children read to helping them with maths problems. 

After this our students separated into two groups and visited the Year 6 classes. Here our students gave a talk on the transition from primary school to high school and answered many of the questions the Year 6 students had. This ranged from ‘can I wear my hair down at high school’ to ‘how many students are in each year’, ‘how will I find my way around the school’ and ‘what clubs are on offer at Cheam High?’ Our students answered them honestly and confidently and gave some great tips about transferring to high school.

After a quick bite our students inter-acted with the children at lunch time by
playing them in basketball and table tennis as well as a quick game of ‘man hunt’. 

In the afternoon our students went back into Sports Leader mode. They helped to set up the activities and again separated themselves so they could each manage one event. The afternoon’s events were slightly more complicated and tested the children’s skills that they had been learning in their lessons. Again our Sports Leaders took control and encouraged and cheered the excited junior school children in their activities and their sprinting races. 

Again the staff commented on our Sports Leaders, with one stating ‘our games would not have been as productive and fun without them.’

Miss Wilson was extremely proud of the students during the day and how they conducted themselves in a professional and positive manner. Thank you to all the Sports Leaders for all their hard work.