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Year 10 Southwark Cathedral Trip

Posted: 14/02/20

Year 10 Southwark Cathedral Trip

On the 29th and 30th January, the GCSE Year 10 students had an amazing opportunity to visit Southwark Cathedral located by London Bridge. We took 85 GCSE students in total across the two days. 

Students were first given a guided tour of the Cathedral, during which they were able to show their subject knowledge around Christian practices, including the process of baptism. Some of our students, including Sonney and Josh, had the opportunity to dress up as a bishop and wear a cassock as well as sitting in the bishop’s throne. 

Students then put different members of the clergy and the Dean of the Cathedral in the hot seat and asked them many pertinent questions including about the church’s attitudes to homosexuality, abortion and terrorism. Jack S asked the Dean of the Cathedral about his views on Brexit and Luisa asked about the Dean’s views on abuse within the church, both of which the Dean responded to with some very interesting answers. The students were very inquisitive and really enjoyed grilling the members of the clergy at Southwark Cathedral. 

Overall, it was a fantastic visit and all the students will have benefited from putting what they have learnt in lessons into context.