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World Book Day

Posted: 13/03/20

World Book Day

The LRC celebrated World Book Day at lunchtime on Thursday. Students enjoyed playing 'Wolverine', which is similar to Pictionary but with a twist and requires the person drawing to use three pens at once (to replicate Wolverine's 'claws'). 

There was a chance to show off book knowledge with 'World Book Day Pairs', matching up authors and characters. This became very competitive, especially as correct matches were rewarded with a World Book Day chocolate bar.  

Students then joined in a game 'Pass the Kryptonite', which was (sort of) a cross between pass the parcel and musical chairs. Unfortunately, no real Kryptonite was available on the day so an aura crystal cluster from the Natural History Museum shop was used instead. The music system decided to stop working just as the game started,
so with Mrs Elliott hiding her eyes and shouting 'go' and 'stop', the Kryptonite was passed around the circle. When stop was heard, the person holding the Kryptonite was out. Again, a very competitive game but lots of fun. The last student left in the game took away the Kryptonite as their prize. At one point the Kryptonite was passed around a little bit too enthusiastically and a small piece broke off. This was awarded to the runner up! Well done to everyone who took part.


The 'Don't Judge a book by its Cover' Event in the LRC

A book's cover will usually give you a hint of what it is about, however, it can also put you off choosing it to read. 

As part of the LRC's initiative to encourage reading for pleasure, we have made special book covers for some of our fabulous books which might otherwise be overlooked. These special jackets show just the first line of the story, without a picture or illustration to prejudice/influence a student's choice.

We're hoping to encourage our students to be readers for pleasure and to dip in and give these worthy books a try.