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Year 10 News

Posted: 2/10/20

Year 10 News

By: Emily and Sophie

After months of staying at home, school finally opened again at the beginning of September. Though it’s good to be back, there have been lots of new changes put in place to keep us all safe. These have taken a while to get used to, such as staying within your year’s designated block except for specialised subjects. In between lessons, we all have to go outside to allow teachers to set up our lessons. This makes our lessons slightly shorter. 

Allocated lunch times ensure we are safe and as a result, makes queues shorter and we get to spend more time with all our friends in Year 10. 

Sanitizing before and after lessons is a new rule that we have to follow as well as wearing masks around the school and distancing from other bubbles. 

Even though these new rules are different, being back at school enables us to have the help and support from our teachers that we need. It’s really nice to see all our friends again as well as the Year Team: Miss Hallett and Mrs Prior, who we’ve missed a lot. 

We hope the rest of the year goes as successfully as it has so far as Year 10 continue working towards their GCSEs next year.