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Careers Matters

Posted: 9/10/20

Careers Matters

In the past experience of the workplace has always been very valuable to our students, not only to help prepare them for the future but also as evidence on applications to university, college, or for work. Along with parents/carers and students, we are very disappointed that our Work Experience programme is currently suspended.

In an ever more competitive and changing world, employers and
institutions will be looking to see what young people have been doing as an alternative to traditional workplace learning. Students who want their applications to stand out from the crowd should be looking at virtual experiences instead.

Virtual work experience, also referred to as online, remote or digital, provides young people with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability and explore new industries and job roles.

Not all virtual work experience is the same. Some opportunities are open to everyone and provide a platform for students to discover more about the job, view pre-recorded videos on what it’s like to work with the organisation, go on virtual tours and possibly take part in some live Q&A sessions. Others may require your child to go through an application process and offer regular online meetings with a supervisor, individual project work, networking sessions, training opportunities and video tutorials.

What are the benefits of a virtual work placement?

Think global!: Virtual work placements are open to everyone and location does not need to be a limiting factor - no need to worry about getting on a train or bus! This provides many possibilities for your child to explore new jobs and industries in areas that may not have been possible under face to face arrangements.

It’s free: The majority of virtual work experience placements are free, although some employers charge for the opportunity; working from home will also mean your child will not incur any travel related costs.

Future proof: Remote working is likely to be important to many businesses in the future and learning how to conduct business and work online will develop extremely valuable skills for the modern workplace.

Transferable skills: It’s not always easy working from home and taking part in virtual work experience placements will help your child develop those soft skills that all employers are seeking, such as organisation, time-management and self-motivation.

Knowing what’s right (or what isn’t): Understanding what a job or a career entails might help your child make decisions about whether or not that role is right for them in the future. 

We all hope that eventually our
students will be able to go into real workplaces but until this is a safe and viable option, they should not be sitting back and waiting for this to happen. Please encourage your child to explore the world of virtual Work Experience and to investigate the wealth of careers information that is available on-line.

A couple of websites to try

For students interested in Construction go to:

For budding engineers try: