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Duke of Edinburgh Practice Weekend

Posted: 25/06/21

Duke of Edinburgh Practice Weekend

We met at Bentley Copse Scout Camp at 9am [on Saturday 19th June]. 
From there we were given the routes that we had already planned out which were approximately 13-15km long. We had various checkpoints to stop at where teachers waited for us. We got back to the campsite in the evening after a long day and we put up the tent and cooked dinner. 

We then rested and got an early night as we had to be up early the next day. We cooked breakfast and afterwards were given new routes to follow and challenges to complete at each checkpoint. My group got back to the campsite at around 5pm. Miss Drewett then spoke to the group to review the weekend and after that we were able to go home. 
Overall it was a fun but tiring weekend. 

We want to thank Miss Drewett and her team for the support they have given us and we are all looking forward to the next weekend away in July where hopefully we will have some better weather as well! 

By E Patel Year 10