Support for learning and literacy

If your child has difficulty with learning and literacy .....

This may include difficulties with:

  • Reading and spelling
  • Learning new information and concepts
  • Working with numbers
  • Working memory
  • Concentration


Students may have conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties, dyslexia, general learning difficulties, AD(H)D, ASD, Fragile X, Down Syndrome.

Students may present with difficulties that do not have a specific title


What can Cheam High School offer?

All students at Cheam High School can access:

  • Outstanding teaching with appropriate differentiation
  • Visual aids and literacy posters to support key vocabulary and structures
  • Let’s Think Programme for Key Stage 3 students to encourage meta-cognitive learning
  • Literary and Numeracy activities in Years 7 – 8 tutor times
  • Mindfulness
  • Access to a homework support club
  • Dedicated staff who value all students of all abilities


Support for targeted students may include:

  • Fresh Start and Accelerated Reader Programme for students to support “catch-up” at Key Stage 3 in reading and phonics
  • Where needed, help from an external agency (e.g. Educational Psychologist)
  • Learning Support Assistants in some lessons
  • Targeted lunch time clubs for vulnerable students
  • Exam Access Arrangements
  • Handwriting Programmes
  • Strategies following testing using the LUCID Rapid Dyslexic Scrutiny assessment.
  • Homework Club