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Miss R Allott - Head Teacher

  • EllieYear 11Year 10 was a very important year for me, filled with new and exciting opportunities and challenges such as work experience, which Iím very excited for! It was also a very busy year as prepared for my GCSE exams during the Summer as well as completing coursework (which goes towards my grades) in many of my subjects such as PE and German. Throughout the process, my teachers have been there to help and support me and others in my year, with things like after school revision sessions to help me succeed in my GCSEs.
  • AllisterYear 8I found it a bit difficult starting Secondary school at the beginning; however, the other students put an end to my anxiety. Making friends was easy and I soon became a part of this fantastic school. The induction day really helped me settling in, it gave me an idea of what Cheam High was like and helped me prepare for the adventure ahead! I love going to the LRC as I enjoy the environment; I read, do my homework or study in there.
  • Ana-NailaYear 8I settled in very well to Cheam as I made many new friends in the first few weeks. The induction day really helped as it gave me lots of information and I made a few friends. It also gave me a chance to see the school and try and find my way around before I started. My favourite thing about Cheam is the clubs; there are a wide range of things to do, and Iím involved in netball and football.
  • PaigeI have settled in really well into Year 8. The year team have been really helpful with any issues we have and are always there to support us. I find Maths hard but the school have helped me by providing extra lessons so that I find easier ways of solving maths problems. I am looking forward to choosing my options as we have sessions arranged where we can see what the subjects are like. All the staff here are very supportive and can help me make the right choices for me.
  • MaxwellYear 9The staff and students at Cheam are really friendly and treat everyone equally. I like the way some of my lessons are streamed so we can all work at the same level and take things at our pace. I have now chosen my options for GCSE. This has made me focus more on what I want to do in the future.