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Miss R Allott - Head Teacher

  • JonYear 12The Sixth Form transition was very effective in helping me take the leap from GCSE to A Levels. This was achieved with guidance from my Tutor, the Sixth Form Management Team and all my teachers. It is very clear that the Sixth Form want me to help reach a point where I know where I want to go in the next stage of my education. Cheam High provides me with all the resources I need to succeed in my AS and A levels.
  • LetitiaYear 12Sixth Form is a big change from Year 11, much more than I thought it would be. My tutor and so many other members of staff are always around if I ever need support or guidance. I like the way we are treated as mature young adults but what I like the best is not having to wear school uniform! I get to dress smartly in my own clothes. I plan on going to either University to study Languages or trying to get an Accountancy Apprenticeship with a top Company. Cheam has a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, there is something for everyone.
  • NavaneethYear 7In a very short space of time I was able to adapt to the High School environment. There were lots of new faces but I was able to make friends easily. The Induction Day gave me an insight into how life would be like at Cheam. It showed me how life will be different at High School than Primary School. I am enjoying every moment of my time at Cheam High. The teachers are friendly and encouraging and are very knowledgeable about their subjects. CHS has a variety of facilities including the Gym, Canteen and a fantastic LRC with lots of books.
  • GeorginaYear 9In Year 9 there are lots of new things that you have to adjust to, such as a different lunch time and your GCSE subject lessons. I had lots of advice with choosing my GCSEs and am looking forward to learning new things in subjects that I enjoy. I was able to take an extra subject, German, after school because I chose to take triple science and my option blocks were full. This year I have also been asked to be a member of the MAGT Forum where students have the opportunity to give their views on MAGT provision within the school.
  • Miss SpencerTeacher of Business EducationI am currently in my second year of teaching at Cheam High School after completing the NQT process here last year. Throughout my first year I received outstanding support within my department and from the school as a whole. Cheam High prides itself on its training school status and with this they deliver very useful training sessions for NQTs throughout the year. Not only were they a chance for me to get to grips with the schools systems but also an excellent opportunity to share best practice amongst new and experienced staff members and meet other NQTs as well.
    Miss Spencer
  • Miss ConnollyDirector of EnglishThe English Department at Cheam High school is passionate about Language and Literature. We want our students to be as passionate as we are. We believe that reading is fundamental for students to be able to excel in English as it opens their minds and imagination as well as helping to develop their vocabulary and grasp of grammar. Our approach to the teaching of English Literature and Language is an integrated one. Our aim is to develop the skills of our learners so that they become great communicators whilst also developing an appreciation of the writing of others.
    Miss Connolly
  • CharlieYear 9Cheam High School is full of friendly helpful people and there are lots of opportunities to improve and have fun. Lessons are interactive and staff are kind, welcoming and supportive of students. There are many after school, lunch and break clubs. In Year 8 we had a very good Options advice programme that really helped me to choose the options I wanted to do at GCSE. I learnt about each subject so that I could make the right choices for me.
  • A Parent PerspectiveEx-Head Girl now at Kings Coll...A-Levels were a huge step up from GCSEs and the workload even bigger, so it was important that Serena chose wisely and to a degree what would help her in the future. We always encouraged Serena to ask for help from her teachers when stuff cropped up that she did not understand. The school and her teachers were absolutely phenomenal and nothing was ever too much trouble. And then it was all over!! No more exams. Hurray!! As Serena’s parents we can now share the wonderful news that our darling girl passed all her exams with flying colours and got her place at Kings “ Living her Dream”!
    A Parent Perspective
  • Mr MillarTeacher of MathematicsI started my teaching career at Cheam High School and four years on I am still enjoying benefitting from the support and opportunities this school offer. As a young Mathematics teacher with lots to learn Cheam High School provided me with excellent teacher training and scope for career development. I have been lucky enough to not only work within an ‘Outstanding’ department but also gain experience in the Pastoral side of teaching. The students have an excellent attitude towards their learning and this helps to create a productive learning environment where both teacher and student thrive.
    Mr Millar
  • Miss JacksonHead of Religious EducationAs Subject Leader for Religious Studies at Cheam High I not only have the privilege of working with exceptional students and staff within my own department, but I also have the opportunity to work with, and learn from, subject leaders across the whole school. There are opportunities for my own professional development as a leader and teacher within the school, and this is something that I encourage members of my own department to take part in too. As an ‘outstanding’ school Cheam is committed to maintaining this in all areas.
    Miss Jackson
  • EllieYear 10 is a very important year for me, filled with new and exciting opportunities and challenges such as work experience, which I’m very excited for! It is also a very busy year as I’m preparing to take my GCSE exams during the Summer as well as already completing coursework (which goes towards my grades) in many of my subjects such as PE and German. Throughout the process, my teachers have been there to help and support me and others in my year, with things like after school revision sessions to help me succeed in my GCSE’s