Dress code

Cheam High School has a Sixth Form dress code designed to promote a positive and respectable image of the school. All sixth-formers are expected to adhere to it. This dress code allows considerable freedom whilst ensuring that everyone’s appearance is smart and business-like. All students must wear their lanyards.

Boys Girls

Suit /smart trousers

  1. Collared shirt
  2. Cardigan/Jumper or smart jacket
  3. Leather shoes/Smart Shoes
  4. Tie
  1. Suit /smart trousers
  2. Smart trousers
  3. Smart dress/knee length skirt
  4. Blouse/smart tops
  5. Cardigan/jumper or smart jacket
  6. Leather shoes/Smart shoes



Sixth form students will be sent home to change if they are wearing any of the following items:

  1. Trainers/Espadrilles/ Flip flops/Converse
  2. Denim or denim like (any colour) trousers/shirts/jeans
  3. T-shirts (without collars)
  4. Shorts/Playsuits
  5. Sports clothing including caps/hats
  6. Large inappropriate logos
  7. Hoodies (removed if used as a coat)
  8. Patterned leggings
  9. Inappropriate clothing e.g. Bare midriffs/Spaghetti straps,
  10. Short Skirts/Tops/leggings with short tops

If any student is deemed not to be smart and business like, they will be sent home to change. The final decision will rest with the Sixth Form Management Team if a student is deemed as inappropriately dressed for school. If any student wishes to get clarification on any of these items, please see the Sixth Form Management Team. Cash prizes will be awarded each month for the smartest dressed male and female.