Homework is an essential part of school work at Cheam High School

Homework is an essential part of school work at Cheam High School. The nature of homework will vary according to the subject and the type of assignment that is set. Some homework is due in the next lesson. Other homework will be of a longer time scale and may take several weeks.

It is important that the student records the homework that is set in their student journal. This allows parents/carers and teachers to monitor the homework set and also allows the tutor to keep an overview.

Homework is set to ensure that students have the opportunity to:

  • practise the skills learnt in class
  • learn the facts required for future progress
  • develop the necessary skills for independent study and research
  • undertake tasks that cannot be done within school lessons
  • give further evidence as to the level of their understanding and progress
  • support their learning through this further study time
  • prepare for the next lesson or topic by prior research



The journal can also be used by you to record concerns, comments or queries for staff. However, please ensure that your child shows any such notes to the relevant teacher as journals are not automatically checked each day by subject staff. Please sign the journal each week and encourage your son or daughter to use it effectively to plan his or her work. The support of parents/carers in encouraging their children to do homework carefully and thoroughly is of great importance and helps them to make the best possible progress and develop good working practices for their future.

Homework Clubs

The school has homework clubs each day from 2:50pm in the school's Learning Resource Centre. These are open to all students of any age who want some help with their homework; want to use the resources in the library or who simply want a quiet place to complete homework. ICT facilities are available for homework and coursework.  Students need not stay for the whole time, though they are welcome to do so.

Incomplete homework

If homework is not completed the action taken will depend on, for example, the previous homework record of the student or whether there were difficulties in completion due to lack of understanding. 

It is also recognised that there may be occasions when it is difficult for individual students to complete homework at home.  If this is the case, parents/carers should write a note of explanation to the subject teacher in the students' journal.  The school will react to individual circumcstances by providing practical support such as a quiet area for the completion of homework.

However, where there is no good reason, then students will be expected to complete the homework; it is likely that this will be accompanied by a detention.  Repeat offenders will be placed on homework report and/or supervised homework sessions as appropriate.

Homework Timetables

Please see the relevant homework timetable for Years 7-11 at the bottom of the page.

Who to contact?

If you have any concerns about homework, please click here to contact the relevant year team 



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