Work Experience

Work Experience March 2016 - review


Work Experience 2016 was a great success with all 300 students in Year 10 securing a Work Experience by the November deadline. London Borough of Sutton carry out the necessary health and safety checks on our placements. These checks were completed ahead of schedule.

Students worked in a wide range of employment fields and locations, including The Shard, Hampton Court Palace and the Chicken Shed Theatre, as well as local hairdressers, building companies and retailers. During Work Experience fortnight staff who normally teach Year 10 and the Pastoral Team, visited as many students as possible whilst they were in their workplaces. Telephone calls were made to employers where students could not be visited for logistical reasons.

Year 10 took part in a Work Experience de-brief on their first day back in school and had the opportunity to discuss their placements. The vast majority of students really enjoyed being at work and told us that they had learnt a lot from the experience. Some fantastic reports were received from employers, with really positive comments. We are very proud of our Year 10 students.

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Work Experience January/February 2017

The Work Experience programme for current Year 9 students was launched in April 2016. Students watched an inspiring presentation about current Year 10’s Work Experience which took place in February and were given lots of information and advice about how to find a placement and the types of work permitted.


The Year 10 Work Experience programme aims:

  • To give our students an insight into the world of work
  • To enhance students’ studies in a range of subjects
  • To fully involve students in arranging and negotiating their Work Experience placements


Preparation for Work Experience:

During the preparation period, students will be given guidance to enable them to:

  • Be aware of Health and Safety matters
  • Consider different types of work
  • Consider interview techniques
  • Know how to present themselves
  • Write a CV
  • Write a letter of application


Arranging Work Experience Placements:

We recommend that students spend the whole period at one placement, as this will allow them to develop working relationships and understand more fully the workings of the organisation with whom they are placed. As their strengths become more apparent to their employer, students will be able to undertake more in-depth tasks and be given more responsibility.

In the past, the most successful Work Experience placements have been arranged by the students themselves, in areas where they have a particular interest, or through personal or family contacts. Information on employers who, in previous years, have been willing to take students on Work Experience can be obtained from Mrs Elliott, but past experience has shown us that most students wish to make their own arrangements. If students take up a placement at their parents’ place of work, we recommend that they are supervised by a colleague and do not work directly alongside their parents, to help students develop a greater degree of independence.

Please do not panic if your son or daughter has no idea about a career path at present. They won’t be the only one! The whole experience, regardless of the type of employment, will give them a valuable insight into the world of work and not only help to develop work related skills, but also their personal development. Year on year students return to school following their Work Experience full of enthusiasm; they have grown in confidence and developed new or improved skills. Employers are always impressed with our students and the real contribution they make, sometimes resulting in the offer of a part-time or holiday job offer when students reach 16 years of age.

It is essential that every Work Experience establishment meets statutory safety and insurance requirements. In order for the Local Authority Work Experience Team to have the time to check the suitability of all proposed placements, the deadline for finding a placement is Friday 11th November 2016.

As soon as your son/daughter has secured a placement, please complete the details on the green form which was sent home through the post in April. Duplicate copies can be obtained from Mrs Elliott in the LRC.

Please contact Mrs Elliott ( with any queries.