Student Journal

Each student has a journal in which to record the following:

  • homework given and day due
  • attendance and punctuality record
  • examination timetable and results
  • rewards and sanctions, eg Phoenix Stickers, Behaviour for Learning Codes
  • coursework/project details and deadlines


In addition the journal contains information for students and parents/carers such as:

  • important dates within a year planner
  • the school uniform
  • essential items for school use and items which are not permitted in school
  • advice for students on what to do if there are concerns about school work or behaviour
  • interpretation of the school marking policy
  • the school code of conduct
  • useful reference information


Parents/carers are asked to monitor and sign the journal weekly.

The journal may also be used to record concerns or to send messages to and from school by both staff and parents.

The journal is regularly checked by tutors and students are expected to have their journal with them at all times.