Subject Leader: Ms F Teague


The Mathematics department remains outstanding, based on the department review in 2015/16.

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Ms Teague is the Assistant Head for Maths and there are 18 other teachers within the department. Mr Rees and Miss Taylor are both second in charge and they have overall responsibility for KS5 and KS4 respectively.  Miss Drewett is the KS3 leader overseeing both Year 7 and Year 8 with extra responsibilities for Year 9.  Miss Webster is the KS4 course leader. Mrs Venus, Mr Patel, Mr McGregor and Mrs Wicks all hold honorarium posts within the department.  Ms Martell, is the Curriculum Support Officer for Maths and Mrs Grime, Mrs Stanley, Mrs Karkare, Mrs Kenny, Mrs Burt and Mrs Grady are Learning Support Assistants who work within Maths.

The department is well resourced with 18 teaching rooms, 4 of which are dual purpose and allow staff to use computers/laptops with the students if required.  The 3 extra classrooms, opened in 2015 have proved an excellent addition to the department.


The department are superbly led by Ms Teague, who shares her drive, vision and ambition with the Maths Department.  The department are proud to be 'outstanding', however they are still determined to further drive up standards with the sharing of good practice.  This is a very hard working and committed department who are all supportive of each other, with a 'can do, will do' attitude.  Support periods have continued to be used very effectively to offer further targeted support and interventions to students who need this; this is critical for exam success.  The range of Maths Surgeries on offer is an example of this.


Throughout all key stages, there is clear monitoring and tracking of student progress.  MIPs (Maths Intervention Plans) are embedded into the intervention procedures and these are excellent in giving students support on specific topics.

Teaching and learning is outstanding as confirmed by lesson observations and learning walks.  Strengths of these lesson observations include concept development and mastery (key developments) and self discovery, the challenge and support in place, the high quality planning and delivery of lessons and the excellent student attitudes and behaviour.

Exam results in 2016 were excellent.

GCSE results

85% A* - C which exceeded the aspirational target of 80%.  National predictions indicated the percentage for B+ was 43% but 53% was achieved.  National predictions indicated the percentage A/A* was 19% with 30% achieved. 89% of students made 3 or more levels of progress.

Further Maths 100% A**- C, very pleasing results.

KS5 results

AS results:
In Core Maths, 88% of the students obtained an A - E and at Further Maths, 100% of the students obtained an A - C and at Use of Maths, 80% of the students obtained an A - E with 60% of the students obtaining an A - C.

A2 results:
In Core Maths, 100% of the students obtained an A*- E with 96% of the students obtaining an A*- C.  At A2 Further Maths, 100% of the students obtained an A*-E with 81% of students obtaining an A*-C and at Use of Maths 88% of the students obtained an A*- E.

Maths KS5 4   Maths KS5 5   Maths KS5 3

Students’ Views and Attitudes

The attitude and behaviour of students within Mathematics is outstanding. Relationships between staff and students is very positive. Students feel supported in their Mathematics education and are appreciative of the extra support that their teachers offer. Uptake at all Maths Surgeries and intervention sessions is consistently high across all year groups.


In September 2016, 26 of our Year 13 cohort went to university to complete a maths/maths related degree.


There are many enriching activities that take place within the maths department, below are a few of these:

UKMT – a national maths competition for the more able students. Students take part in both individual challenges and also team competitions.

Chessington World of Adventures – an Activity Day trip looking at maths and Science in theme parks and rides.

A World Maths Day - a presentation of fun and educational, hands-on, problem solving activities.

Number Day is a fun, nationwide maths fundraising event for Year 7 and 8 that helps raise money to support the NSPCC.

This is as well as a Maths Inspiration trip, Maths Club, Maths Surgeries for all Year groups and outside speakers for KS5 and many other activities.

Future Developments

Embedding the new KS3 curriculum and the new GCSE curriculum.

Prepare Year 10 for GCSE Statistics.

Prepare for the imminent changes at KS5.