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Mr P Naudi - Head Teacher

Ms R Allott - Executive Principal/CEO


  • DavidYear 13I started at Cheam High in Year 10 and am very glad I chose to come here. The support and guidance that the staff gave me when I was working towards my GCSE exams was really valuable and helped me to achieve good grades. I am enjoying the 6th Form and the subjects that I am doing which are Maths, Chemistry and Biology. Cheam High teaches us to be independent learners and I feel I am able to be myself. I will make sure I work hard to gain good grades and this is helped by the fact that the teachers explain things in a way that I really understand.
  • CaraYear 8One thing I really like about Cheam is that there are lots of clubs and different opportunities. I take part in many activities and I have something do every day of the week. I like all of my subjects, but I really enjoy English and Maths because I think they are more challenging. I thought Number Day was fun. It made some facts just stay in my head and made me realise that I need to learn my times tables and fractions. I think Cheam gives you independence, encouraging responsibility and I am glad that I was able to come here.
  • SahaYear 10I would highly recommend this school to parents and students because it is a lovely environment. The teachers are helpful, always working hard and with their help and keeping on top of my homework, I have become better and better at all my subjects. I am hoping to go to the sixth form at Cheam High after my GCSEs.
  • LaceyYear 10When I first started at Cheam High I remember the teachers being really friendly which put my mind at ease. I am getting closer to my GCSE exams and I really want to do well. Over the years, my teachers have helped me to enjoy the subjects that I am doing by making them fun and interesting. I regularly attend homework club, which I find beneficial. The teachers are always there to help and it means if you are struggling, you can get help before or after school.
  • ThanusaYear 9I have recently chosen my options and I really like all my new subjects. Textiles is my favourite options subject and I enjoy it so much I would really like to stay on at 6th form and look at becoming a fashion designer when I do finally leave school. All the teachers at Cheam High School are friendly and helpful; the school has high standards and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • MudassirYear 7I have really enjoyed my time at Cheam high School so far. My favourite subjects Maths and Science because I like working out problems and carrying out investigations as well as doing practical lessons. I wants to be a scientist when I leave school so it helps that these lessons are good fun. There are many after school clubs to choose from and the teachers here are always willing to help, especially at Maths Surgery.