The school has a number of different policies that underpin its work.  A full list of policies that relate to students, parents/carers and various curriculum and pastoral areas are shown below. 

In addition, there are various web pages where more information is given. 

This includes, under Your Child, additional information on Pastoral Support, Attendance, Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Safeguarding Children, Rewards and Sanctions, Intervention Strategies and a range of FAQ.

The Curriculum area on the website gives additional information on department areas and areas such as More Able Gifted and Talented; SEN; Careers; Communications; VLE; Marking for Learning etc. The Accessibility Strategy includes Equality Objectives and is to be found by clicking here.

For a full list of school policies click here

Policies Date  
C1.Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 26th Sep 2018 Download
C10. PSHE Policy. Jun2017 30th Jun 2017 Download
C11.Pupil Premium Policy.Nov17 07th Nov 2017 Download
C12 Numeracy Policy.Nov15 19th Nov 2015 Download
C13.Looked After Child Policy.Jul17 07th Dec 2017 Download
C14 EAL policy. Feb 2018 20th Mar 2018 Download
C14.Appendix 1 EAL detailed descriptors 20th Mar 2018 Download
C15.Communications Policy Nov16 23rd Nov 2016 Download
C16 MAGT Policy May 2017 11th Jul 2017 Download
C17.Drugs & Alcohol Policy.dec.16 17th Feb 2017 Download
C18 Teaching and Learning Policy.Nov16 23rd Nov 2016 Download
C19.Post 16 CEC Policy.feb18 20th Mar 2018 Download
C2.Online Safety Policy.Apr 16 03rd May 2016 Download
C20. Arts Overarching Policy. Oct 2017 26th Oct 2017 Download
C21.Confidentiality Policy.July17 07th Dec 2017 Download
C3 SEN Policy June 2018 14th Nov 2018 Download
C4.Educational Visits.March 18 24th Apr 2018 Download
C5. Work Experience Policy Feb 16 01st Mar 2016 Download
C6 CEIAG Policy Nov17 07th Nov 2017 Download
C8.Homework Policy Feb16 01st Mar 2016 Download
C9.Assessment Recording Reporting.Nov16 23rd Nov 2016 Download
Cheam High School Liability Certificate 1819 22nd Mar 2019 Download
F1.Gifts and Hospitality Policy.Mar16 01st Jul 2016 Download
L1.School Aims 08th Oct 2015 Download
L2.Admissions for 2018 entry 20th Feb 2018 Download
L2.Admissions for 2019 entry 20th Feb 2018 Download
L2.Admissions for 2020 entry 20th Dec 2018 Download
L3.homeschooAGREE.jul17 10th Jan 2018 Download
L4.Behaviour.Apr18 24th Apr 2018 Download
L5.Anti-Bullying Policy.Apr16 03rd May 2016 Download
L6.Attendance and punctuality.Apr18 24th Apr 2018 Download
L7 Staff Development Policy May 2017 28th Jun 2017 Download
List of policies.July18 16th Jul 2018 Download
P1 Health and Safety May2017 28th Jun 2017 Download
P2.Supporting medical needs.Oct16 23rd Nov 2016 Download
P3 Minibus Policy.jan17 17th Feb 2017 Download
TF2.Purchasing Policy.Mar19 25th Apr 2019 Download
TF3.F3.Charging and Remissions.Mar19 27th Mar 2019 Download
TF4. Reserves Policy. Jul17 07th Jul 2017 Download
TF5. Governance.Expenses.Jun16 01st Jul 2016 Download
TF6 School Fund May 2017 11th Jul 2017 Download
TR1. Complaints Policy. Mar17 26th Oct 2017 Download
TR10. Photographs of Students Policy 16th Jul 2018 Download
TR3.WHISTLEBLOWING SEP.17 07th Dec 2017 Download
TR4.Appendix1.Publication.scheme 17th Feb 2017 Download
TR4.Freedom of Information.July18 16th Jul 2018 Download
TR5. Data Protection.July18 16th Jul 2018 Download
TR6 Equality Policy.mar17 28th Mar 2017 Download
TR8.ICT: Acceptable Use Policy 16th Jul 2018 Download
TR9. Records and Retention Policy 16th Jul 2018 Download