Items not allowed in school

This is not an exhaustive list.  Any items that are potentially harmful to any member of the school community should not be brought to school.  If there are any doubts about an item, students or parents/carers can check with the year team.

Items that should not be brought to school include:

  • chewing gum
  • fizzy drinks including high energy drinks
  • glass bottles including perfume bottles
  • jewelry except for a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings worn in the earlobes
  • aerosol cans including deoderants
  • correction fluid
  • permanent marker pens
  • unnecessary money
  • expensive items
  • Cigarettes, matches and lighters
  • fireworks or "snaps" containing gunpowder
  • e-cigarettes, shisha pens or liquids for these
  • any items which are illegal to possess or carry, or inappropriate for the age of the child or the school environment