Banned items in school

Students are forbidden to bring in any items to school that are potentially harmful to any member of the school community or to themselves.  There are also other items that are not allowed in school, as listed here.

Where items that are potentially dangerous are brought into school, then a serious sanction will apply; this will include exclusion and for some incidents, permanent exclusion.

More information on these can be found in the school's behaviour policy and the drugs and alcohol policy, both of which can be found here.


E-cigarettes, shisha pens and "legal highs"

E-cigarettes and shisha pens can be used to inhale “legal highs” or cannabis derived products.  The school, therefore, views possession or use of such items in or prior to school in the same way as the possession and use of alcohol or drugs. 

This means that any student who brings such an item to school will receive a fixed term exclusion, or permanent exclusion, depending on the circumstances.  The Drugs and Alcohol policy gives more information.

To find out more about shisha pens, e-cigarettes and "legal highs", please click on the relevant link below: