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The school has introduced an on-line behaviour tracking system.  This allows parents/carers and the student to access a child's individual records and view:

  • Rewards given in lessons or through other systems
  • Sanctions and the reason for them, across the year
  • Some of the interventions (support) put into place or leadership opportunities

In addition, both students and parents/carers can see any upcoming (and past) detentions, when they are scheduled and the reason for them being given.

Each student can also see their individual “student bank” which summarises points related to rewards given and shows their contribution towards tutor, school and individual competitions or awards.

Navigating IRIS – help sheets at the bottom of the page

To help parents/carers, the school has produced a one page help sheet available from the bottom of the page.

Students have also been given training and there is a single page help sheet for students available from the bottom of the page.

Both these help sheets show examples of the type of information available to both parents/carers and students.

IRIS 1st screen

To access the system:

To log into IRIS, you can simply click IRIS after clicking on the quick link at the top of the screen/page.

 Alternatively, click on IRIS here

Parents/Carers are sent user names and initial passwords by the school.  Students are also sent these details via their school email address.

We strongly recommend that every user changes their password on receipt; this password is then private to the user. The help sheets below show you how to do this.

Users must not let others access their private reward and behaviour information.

NB  Any changes that you make to your email or mobile phone number must be given to the school office to update central contact records.  Any changes that you put into IRIS will be overwritten by those held centrally.


What happens if I forget my password? 

There is a button on the log in page that you can press to have this reset.  If, for some reason, this does not work, please email the school at who will look into the matter and get back to you within three working days.  

How do I log out or move between different information?

Please look at the help sheets (see below) which will explain this to you.

What happens if my first login sent to me doesn't work?

Reply to the email giving you the details; we will then get back to you within three working days. Please do not ring the school office as they will be unable to help you. 

What do the different types of colours mean?  There are different colours for different types of information:

Rewards (yellow)

Sanctions (pink)

Support, interventions, leadership or awards (blues, greens and purples)

IRIS Date  
IRIS Parent/Carer Leaflet 10th May 2023 Download
IRIS Student Leaflet 10th May 2023 Download