Behaviour and Appearance


The vast majority of students behave very well and are a credit to the school and their families. The school reports termly on standards of behaviour and effort, but also contacts parents/carers through other systems to flag up any concerns or note particular achievements.

The school takes a range of different actions to promote high standards of behaviour including:

  • rewards and recognition of good behaviour and positive learning attitudes
  • sanctions where students do not meet the high expectations of the school
  • support strategies for students whose behaviour needs longer term intervention


Behaviour Policy Information

The school has a clear policy which states:

  • its expectation of behaviour for students
  • the ways in which the school supports and develops good behaviour
  • the steps that parents/carers can take to support their child’s progress in the school

A full copy of this policy is available from the school or on our website under Our School/Policies.

Specific aspects of the policy ie: Rewards, Sanctions, Dealing with Misbehaviour etc are also summarised here; please see the menu on the left hand side.



As a school we have a school uniform code that applies to dress, jewellery and hair stylings.  This is because we believe that learning how to conform to dress expectations is important in life – whether it be for the work situation, or in preparation for a formal social occasion.

This section of the website also includes FAQ regarding hairstyles, make-up and nail varnish.  You can access these on the links on the left hand side of this page, or by clicking below:


Make-up and Nails