Uniform & Appearance

We place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of our students.  We expect them to be smart, well presented and to wear full school uniform at all times, including their journey to and from school.  Students are also expected to wear their blazers, except for hot days when students may opt to carry these instead.   Students must have their blazer with them each school day regardless of the weather.   Students are also expected to wear their school lanyards whilst on the school site, except when told to remove them for eg PE or other practical lesson. 

The Uniform Items and Purchase page can be found here


Uniform and Appearance

We thank parents and carers for their continued support with uniform, which makes our students the smartest in the area.  We have had some parents and carers ask for some clarification on our dress code and so would like to draw the following guidelines to parents’ and carers’ attention:

• Students wishing to wear a jumper under the blazer, which is optional, must wear the grey one with the red stripe.  If they are wearing a jumper, they must have their blazer over this.

• Students must not wear tracksuit bottoms under their school trousers.  In very cold weather, an appropriate base-layer is acceptable. 

• Skirts must be of a suitable length.

• Students need to wear plain dark tights or knee or ankle length socks (not trainer socks), these can be white or black.  Students should not wear socks and tights.

• Outdoor jackets/coats should be black or dark in colour. Coloured jackets or coats with logos are not permitted. Tracksuit tops, hoodies, cardigans or sports type jackets are also not permitted.

• Students are expected to have moderate hairstyles, avoiding extremes such as shaved heads or patterns cut into their hair.

• Make up and nail varnish are not to be worn (except for Years 10 and 11 students who may wear discreet make up).

• Jewellery is not to be worn, save for a small plain stud earring in the earlobe and a watch.

• Piercings anywhere other than in the earlobe are not permitted.  If your son/daughter is considering having a piercing done, please ensure this is done at the beginning of a holiday with sufficient time for healing. 


If you have any queries regarding uniform, please telephone the school office to ensure that you do not waste your money buying something that is not appropriate for school.  

If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform at any time, please supply him/her with a note of explanation for the Year Team.

More information about the school's expectations for main school students can be found here.  For those in the sixth form, please click here.

The Cheam High School Uniform Policy can be found here.



All students need formal plain black shoes made of leather or leather look material.  We do not accept any kind of sports or leisure shoe, so Leather Vans, Converse or any kind of trainer or boot (asides the Kicker style high top shoe), are not permitted.  For further clarification, please see below.  We would remind parents that trainers, such as those pictured on the below (left) are not acceptable. Students wearing the wrong footwear will be given a replacement pair of shoes for the day.

Uniform shoes graphic April 2024

Shoes (additional guidance)

Please take care when buying shoes for school as some shops will try to sell trainers, sport shoes etc as school shoes, but they are not acceptable at Cheam High School.

When deciding if a shoe is a formal shoe, the following things are considered:

• Whether the shoe is leather or leather look. Canvas shoes are not acceptable.

• Whether the shoe has a heel.  Footwear with a flat sole is more likely to be classed as a trainer. (What is the rule on a heeled shoe? Obviously not a pair of high heels!)

• Whether the footwear would be deemed sportswear or would be seen as reasonable to wear for sport – if it can, then it is not a formal shoe.


Uniform Costs

Please note, the school sources its uniform from companies that do not import cheaply produced items from abroad.  In this way, we  ensure that appropriate employment practices apply.   We also set pricing to cover costs of purchase and associated labour cost in running the shop but not to make a commercial profit. 

Parents/carers who are in financial difficulties may write to the Headteacher to see if support can be offered with the purchase of uniform, subject to appropriate documentation. 

Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name so that if they are found they can be returned to them.