Term Dates: 2023-27

Please find term dates as shown below.

Please note that the school has:

  1. a two week October half-term holiday.
  2. ensured that the maximum length of any half-term for students is 7 weeks
  3. moved INSET days to outside term time so that there are no “odd days” of holiday for students during term time (except for Bank Holidays which are outside our control)
  4. ensured that the school year for students remains within the Sutton school dates as much as possible i.e. it does not start earlier or run later, so that our student holidays overlap with other school holidays


Why have a two week October half-term?

  • The Autumn term often comprises of one 8 week half-term; the end of this term becomes less useful as students and staff become very tired and illness is higher as a result. 
  • We believe using this “week” at other times will be better for students’ learning and progress.
  • A 2 week October half-term will ensure a maximum of 7 weeks before and after the October half-term.  It gives students a restful break before the long winter terms and busy Christmas and New Year period.
  • Moving INSET days to outside term time will mean that teachers and other staff are working when students have their holiday breaks.  This gives the potential for the 2 weeks at October for students and for many staff.

Term dates for the next years can be found at the bottom of the page.   They are also on the school website on the calendar for the current year



Does this mean that my child will get less teaching?

No.  The teaching days for students will stay the same.  Instead of losing 2 days in early September to INSET and three days during December and January, these days will be taught.  This gives the 5 days of teaching back to students.  The days provided will remain the same as this year.

Will this mean that the school year will start earlier than other schools?

Maybe.  The start dates of schools always vary, depending on when they take INSET days.  Our intention would be to start within the Sutton published dates, usually on a Monday.  Other schools may start a day or so later, or may start the same day.

Will the school still have INSET days and training time?

Yes.  There will be days just before students start in September.  This will mean most teaching staff agreeing to work in August some years to ensure the necessary preparation for the school year.  In addition, there will be training and development sessions on certain dates at the end of the school day.  Some staff will also be involved in training and INSET days in the second week of October half-term.
The school and governors are very aware of the huge demands of the curriculum and public examination system; time for development of resources to support students to learn remains a high priority for the school.

Term dates Date  
Term Dates 22.23 13th Aug 2020 Download
Term Dates 23.24 13th Aug 2020 Download
Term dates 24.25 19th Jul 2023 Download
Term dates 25.26 19th Jul 2023 Download
Term dates 26.27 19th Jul 2023 Download