Communication with parents/carers

CommunicationHow does the school work with with parents/carers of students with SEN and involve them in their education?

The school wants to work in partnership with parents/carers so that together we support our students with SEND.

The school holds Coffee Mornings for parents/carers of Year 7 students to introduce them to the SEN team (where social distancing allows).

Coffee mornings for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 parents/carers also provide an opportunity to showcase the resources we have in place, the work which students have done and train parents/carers in strategies that they can use at home e.g. Zones of Regulation

There are also a small number of support groups for parents/carers where there is a need for particular types of support.

In addition to the formal contacts, the SEN team also encourages parents/carers to contact the team if there are concerns about their childl's progress.  For students on the SEN register, there are also regular reviews of progress as part of the graduated approach (see here for more information)

Parents/carers also receive information on progress through:

Subject or tutor meetings where parents/carers meet with relevant staff to discuss progress

Written information relating to the progress of their child in the different subject areas (once a term)

Contact with individual members of staff e.g. phone calls home, letters home etc.

Individual meetings as needed either as part of the formal EHCP review meeting, SEN Review meeting or when called to address a specific issue

KS3 and KS4 Information Evenings eg 13+ 16+