SMSC: Spiritual Moral, Social and Cultural Education

SMSC is an important part of the school's curriculum and wider provision; it is also a requirement for schools to deliver.


‘Every state-funded school must offer a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which:

·         promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society

·         prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life’

These duties are set out in the 2002 Education Act and the 2010 Academies Act


At Cheam High School we are committed to this very important part of the curriculum; these themes pervade:


·         lessons across a range of different subjects

·         tutor sessions, assemblies and extra-curricular trips, events and opportunities

·         the school’s behaviour policy including rewards and sanctions

·         interventions and pastoral support

·         the focus on “growth mindset” and developing further skills and understanding


Some examples of SMSC can be found in:



Our Learning is for Ever course makes a significant contribution to SMSC provision as well as PSHE.  The nature of the course encourages discussions, listening to others’ views and exploring perceptions from different cultures or groups in society.  It uses controversial and sensitive issues which promote engagement and deeper thinking about moral and social issues. 



The history department organises a number of SMSC opportunities within the curriculum and through trips and events. Year 12 and 13 class saw a film linked to Indian independence to enhance their study of India.  The Y12 Government and Politics class has visited Parliament where they had a tour and a Q&A session with the MP for Sutton, Paul Scully.  The Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates for Sutton have come in to talk with the 6th form students and more talks are being arranged.


Within the Key Stage curriculum, Y7 have explore whether the Native Americans were civilised or barbaric as part of their unit on America.  In Y8 the curriculum discuss WW1 conscientious objectors and the moral reasons for this.  In Y9 we discuss whether the US was justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.  There are further topics about reasons and contexts, demanding social, cultural and moral implications, throughout KS4.



Performing Arts have had another exciting year in terms of Enrichment. Students have taken part in workshops with professional theatre companies including the Kevin Spacey Foundation and the Refugee council. Students have taken part in Battle of the Bands, Christmas Carol Concert, We Will Rock You and Macbeth. Our students have also attended numerous theatre trips and been awarded scholarships to Jigsaw Theatre Arts and Echo 7 recording studio.  In addition, the curriculum explores a number of challenging topics, encouraging students to think about how they would react in such circumstances and how it shapes the reactions of others and explores the cultural roots of some musical genres.  All these give students the opportunities to work together, to explore different ideas and their reactions to it, and to learn more about the cultures within the Arts context. 



There are a number of trips available to students during their time at Cheam High School. These include theatre performances, Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions, course field trips, residential trips abroad, outward bound experiences and activity days to local attractions.  A list of trips enjoyed in the last academic year is available here.