Cycling to School

If a student wishes to cycle to school, then they must apply for a cycle permit.  The Permit costs £2 for a number plate and requires the student to attach it to their bicycle and also comply with the requirements below.  If requests exceed capacity, priority will be given to those who live the greatest distance from the school.

Please note that these procedures have been put into place to ensure the safety of Cheam High School students when cycling to and from school:

Registration and Costs

  • Purchase a number plate from the school site reception and attach it to the bicycle so that it is clearly visible at all times when cycling to and from school. The cost of the number plate is £2.00 including cable ties.


  • The bicycle must be maintained in a roadworthy and safe condition, and will be subject to inspection by school staff.
  • The student must wear a cycle helmet whilst cycling to and from school.
  • The bicycle must be equipped with adequate lighting especially during the winter months or at other times when required.
  • The student must show due care and attention whilst cycling to and from school and must cycle in a manner that is not dangerous to themselves, pedestrians or other road users.
  • The bicycle must be wheeled in the school grounds and access road; it must not be ridden.


  • The bicycle must be secured by chain and lock (D locks are recommended) to the allocated cycle bay only.
  • The school cannot accept responsibility for theft of bicycles or parts from bicycles, for damage to, or accidents arising from use of bicycles, or for non-compliance with laws relating to bicycles.