Throughout the academic year we believe it is vital to complement studies with opportunities to develop holistically as a young adult. This not only develops new skills but also gives a range of extra-curricular experiences that can be used in a CV or on a UCAS reference. All of these opportunities  develop a sense of camaraderie between the students and gives them a break from their studies. We encourage all to get involved in as many events as possible. Some of our enrichment activities include:

Within the Sixth Form we have our Student Leadership Team, whose responsibilities include being role models and setting a good example to other students across the school.  They help to make the Sixth Form a great place to study and improve the school community by organising extracurricular activities and events. Our Student Leadership Roles include Head Students, Deputy Head Students, Wellbeing Ambassadors, EAL Ambassadors, Charity Ambassadors, STEAM Ambassadors, Social Ambassadors, Extra-Curricular Ambassadors and Subject Ambassadors.

A message from our Student Leadership Team:

“Cheam provides us with lots of opportunities and all of the facilities and learning zones are extremely beneficial. Alongside support with our studies there is also always someone there if you want to talk, whether it’s about school work or something else. Cheam is a welcoming sixth form and a fantastic place to study as well as grow in order to prepare us for our next steps.”

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