Supporting the School

We know that parents'/carers' attitudes to education and support for their children's learning are key to student progress.  Where parents/carers hold eduation in high esteem, encourage students to do their best and promote high standards of attendance and behaviour, then students make excellent progress.

There are a number of ways that you can support your child to succeed.  Some support strategies that you can use at home or advice on dealing with teenage problems are available on the website under Your Child.  However, we would ask all parents/carers to share the responsibility for your child’s learning and behaviour by:

  • encouraging them to achieve their academic targets
  • ensuring they conform to the school’s code of conduct (shown on the website and in the student journal)
  • ensuring full attendance and punctuality
  • monitoring and signing the student journal weekly
  • attending parent/carer consultations such as parents'/carers' evenings and tutor/information evenings
  • supporting the school in matters of discipline
  • co-operating with home/school strategies put in place in matters of repeated behavioural problems
  • contacting the school about concerns
  • signing the Home School Agreement (see policy notes on the school website)
  • ensuring your child’s appearance is correct and that they have all the right equipment for school
  • keeping informed of school matters by reading the weekly Cheam High Flyer