The SEN Register

Assess plan do reviewWhat is the SEN Register?

The SEN Register is an internal school record, which identifies students with Special Educational Needs. At Cheam High, the SEN Register can be found on an internal software programme known as Integris (the school’s Management Information System).

How are students recorded on the register?

All students who have been identified as having sustained Special Educational Needs will be registered on the school SEN register at School Support (K) or as having an EHCP (E). Information recorded will include the category of need. Students who are no longer on the school SEN register are recorded as a N.

What qualifies a student being placed on the SEN Register?

If a student has an EHCP, they will be automatically placed on the SEN Register and will be issued with a SEN Support plan directly relating to the long-term outcomes set out within their EHCP. Their long-term outcomes will be broken down into termly targets and these will be reviewed termly at the school’s SEND Support Plan Evenings. Their EHCP will be reviewed, in line with statutory guidance, on an annual basis at their Annual Review.

If a student is recorded as a K on the SEN register they will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Be in receipt of a number of sustained targeted school interventions and/or accessing a specialist intervention. Their progress is being monitored through a SEND Support plan and will be reviewed termly at the school’s SEND Support Plan Evenings.
  • Be in receipt of a Pupil Passport, an individualised plan, which advises teachers on the adaptions to the curriculum students require to access their learning. The Pupil Passport will be updated on a yearly basis and parents/carers will have opportunities throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress with the SEN, Pastoral and/or Year Teams.

  • Have a range of access arrangements in addition to Extra Time.

  • Be educated at an alternative provider such as STARs (Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service). 

Can students move off the register?

The SEN register is reviewed on a termly basis and is updated in accordance with the school’s internal monitoring systems. The register is seen as a fluid document and children are able to be placed on and moved off it, following on from discussions with parents/carers and pastoral leads.

What happens when a child on the SEN register of another school moves to Cheam High?

The school would receive the SEN information and review the individual needs of the child.  This may mean that the child needs an SEN Support plan and is placed on the SEN Register. 

For some children, the support they need will be delivered at universal level (eg by differentiation by the specialist subject teacher) and a Pupil Passport, summarising the specific differentiation approaches required would be offered.  They would not be placed on the school SEN register unless specific targeted support was required over a sustained period of time. 

A few children will not need either a Pupil Passport or SEN Support plan and will, therefore, not be placed on the SEN Register.