Lower School Mentoring

Opportunities to mentor a lower school student are regularly promoted in the Sixth Form. Students can sign up to provide subject support within the classroom or perhaps help a student who does not have English as their first language.

Both students benefit from the arrangement with the sixth form student developing their communication skills, learning how to explain and consolidating their own subject knowledge. The experience will also enhance university and job applications.

Sixth Form students can mentor students in a variety of ways including;


  • Reading
  • Language assistance
  • Supporting learning
  • Supporting literacy
  • Supporting numeracy
  • Help creating friendships
  • Building self esteem/confidence


Mentoring a student in the lower years has been a really great experience and has taught me how to explain things in both verbal and visual ways. It has also allowed me to get to know students in the years below and it is rewarding when you see them doing well as you know you’ve had an influence in that.” Kym - Year 12 Student

Year 13 Mentors

We also have Year 13 students mentoring Year 12 students in various subjects.  The students arrange a mutually suitable time to meet. This is an excellent way for Year 12 students to get help and advice on their coursework/homework from another student.