Snowy Weather

The school intends to stay open during any minor fall of snow.  Parents/carers, staff and students should plan for this event.  In the instance where snowfall is so heavy that the school can not function safely, arrangements will be posted on the website as soon as any decisions are made. 

For any overnight snow that falls into this category, we will hope to make a decision by 7.30 am at latest, and sooner if possible; notices will be placed on the website.  Please avoid ringing the school as any decision will be posted on the website first, and until that point staff will not be able to answer any queries related to the conditions. 

Please note that any such decision regarding opening will be based upon the current situation at school and surrounding areas, and take into account any immediate forecast regarding the expected weather.

Unless otherwise notified, we therefore advise students and parents/carers that:

  • the school will be open as usual.
  • the school intends to stay open during any minor fall of snow
  • students should bring coats, gloves and hats to keep them warm travelling to and from school.  
  • girls may wear dark leggings under their school skirt for warmth if they wish

Should snow be lying on the ground in the morning, then students may wear warm suitable footwear for the conditions that gives them good grip.  Canvas shoes would not be suitable.