Rewards systems

We acknowledge the achievements of students both in their studies and in extra curricular activities (inside and outside of the school). The formal reward system for Years 7 - 11 is made up as shown below.  For Post 16, please see under the Post 16 section of the website.

Rewarding Behaviour for Learning (BfL)

We want everyone to achieve their full potential. To help to ensure this, and to ensure that students are demonstrating the right commitment to their studies, we have a process to reward good behaviour and positive learning attitudes during lessons.The numbers of rewards collected by students are recorded centrally and used in various inter-tutor competitions.


Each lesson is as opportunity for students to receive a reward where they impress with their delivery of the Cheam Mantra. They can track their rewards under the IRIS system; parents/carers can also see the rewards their child accrues.

For more information about the MANTRA please click here.

For more information about IRIS and how to log on and use the system, please click here.


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

At Key Stage 3, students are issued with ticks during a lesson.  Ticks are given for things such as:

  • Being the first to start work
  • Positive contributions to discussions or question and answer sessions
  • Responding well to instructions or activities
  • Being helpful
  • Helping others with their learning
  • Good effort and conscientious work

If students receive a balance of five or six ticks in a lesson they are rewarded with an Iris reward. Seven or more ticks and the reward is an Iris reward plus a notificationl to the student’s Year team as well as recognition in assembly. 

Postcards home can also be sent to note ongoing acheivements in a subject. Iris rewards can be redeemed for treats such as stationery items, table tennis bats/balls, ipods and sweets.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9,10 and 11):

At KS4 students can earn points during a lesson or across a series of lessons or can be put forward for a commendation.

Points can be cashed in for a range of rewards such as Year 11 prom tickets; phone top up vouchers; stationery; revision books; trips or activities.

Commendations are collected each week from teaching staff and are given for attainment, effort, attitude or achievement in a subject or extra-curricular activity. A regular draw from winners is also made in assembly with these students being awarded an additional small prize.

Celebration in assembly or awards

Students receiving a balance of seven or more BfL ticks, making positive contributions to lessons or excellent work by individuals or whole classes, may be rewarded by a mention in a Year group assembly. Achievements in extra-curricular activities and out of school activities are also celebrated in assembly.  At KS4, students may also be praised via assembly; however, as students get older some appreciate a more private "well done".  Students in Years 10 and 11 can also earn awards from each subject area as a result of sustained effort, good work or progress.

End of term Celebration Assembly

Nominations are collected for a variety of services or demonstration of commitment, including attendance, effort and behaviour etc, during the term. Each Year group holds a celebration assembly at the end of every term which is an opportunity for the whole Year group to celebrate the success and achievements of individuals, groups, classes and the Year group as a whole on both in-school and out-of-school activities.

Certificates: Effort, behaviour, attendance and homework

Effort, behaviour, attendance and homework certificates are issued to those demonstrating very good standards across a range of subjects following reports home each term.  These also go towards inter-tutor competitions.

Achievement postcards

Parents/carers can be informed of their child’s successes through a postcard which can be sent by any member of staff. A copy of this recognition is placed in the student’s file.

Student bulletin/Cheam High Flyer

Achievements can also be noted in the Student Bulletin which is distributed each week to every tutor group and to all members of staff.  We encourage all parents/carers to let us know when their child has achieved something outside of school so that we can give them recognition in the Cheam High Flyer.

Annual prize giving

Students are awarded prizes for attainment or progress/attitude in subjects as well as prizes for sporting prowess. Prize winners and their parents/carers are invited to the prize giving ceremony held towards the end of the summer term.