British Values

At Cheam we take pride in promoting the core key British Values of:

• Democracy

• Rule of Law

• Individual Liberty

• Mutual Respect

• Tolerance

These values are celebrated in a variety of ways across the life of the school. They are studied closely in LIFE lessons and explored in depth in order for students to gain a better understanding of their meaning. Students learn about the democratic system and its importance and this is also addressed in assemblies, detailing the battle for the rights of minorities to gain the right to vote, for example. Mock elections will also be held during the election period to give students a chance to experience the electoral process. 

Lessons and workshops on the rule of law and its importance help students understand the centrality of the rule of law to British life and how laws are made in parliament. These values also integrated into the life of the school – students understand that through student representatives and the School Council, students have a strong say in the running of the school. 

Individual Liberty links closely with the school values of Respect and Responsibility  - students have freedom but with that comes responsibility. They understand that mutual respect is a key tenet of the school: that their behaviour towards their peers and staff has a great impact on the success of the school. 

Students enjoy learning about different cultures and faiths from around the world. Diversity Week and our Positive Messengers scheme of work in PSHE help to showcase the diverse range of backgrounds that our students come from.