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Years 8 -12 Berlin Trip 28th-31st March

Posted: 4/05/18

Years 8 -12 Berlin Trip 28th-31st March

By Dylan Dixon and Maxwell Jackson, Year 11

We left school nice and early at 3.30am on Wednesday and arrived to see Berlin covered in snow and freezing temperatures. We warmed up with a visit to a nuclear bunker and the Story of Berlin Museum where we learnt about the diverse history of the city under both capitalism and communism. 

On the second day, we visited a range of museums detailing the key moments in Germany's recent past. The Jewish Museum, Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Topography of Terror all provided us with an insight into Berlin during the 20th century. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum was a particular highlight as we learnt about the various attempts to escape from East to West Berlin, whether by hot air balloon or digging a tunnel!

The third day provided us with a chance to visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and also go up to the top of the German Parliament where we could see out over the city. 

After learning about so much history, Mr Newman generously gave us some time for shopping on the final day, and we also ate a Bratwurst and went up the famous TV Tower. It was a great trip and we spoke lots of German which was also good practice for our speaking exam!