Design and Technology

Subject Leader: Mrs S White


IMG_5505The Technology department at Cheam High School has been judged as good overall with key areas for future focus to move the department towards offering an outstanding educational provision.

The department incorporates Graphic Products, Resistant Materials, Textiles, Food and Construction. 

Mrs White Subject, Leader of Technology, is an extremely able and enthusiastic head of department. She is always looking for ways to innovate and create excitement throughout her subject area.  Mrs White and her team are constantly developing the curriculum to incorporate new projects; these new projects cross over the traditional technology areas to ensure students understand the breadth of design applications and key design principles underpinning each area. 

The department is made up of six Technology and Construction teachers and is based in its own dedicated buildings.  This includes two food preparation rooms, two rooms for Graphics and Resistant Materials (RM), a Textiles room, three computer rooms and a construction workshop with an outside building area.  The Subject Leader is supported by Mrs Simpson who has responsibility for Textiles, Mrs Hutcheson who has responsibility for Graphics and RM and Mrs Giordano who recently joined us and specialises in Food Technology.

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Technology offers a broad curriculum which covers elements of Graphics, Textiles, Food and Resistant Materials at KS3.  At KS4 and KS5 students are able to specialise. 

The teaching in Technology is good with students of all abilities showing a positive attitude to the subject and being challenged to work hard.  Lessons are well planned and structured with clear targets.  Students especially appreciate the detailed feedback given to them at GCSE and A Level and many really enjoy the creative and practical aspects of the courses on offer.

The behaviour in lessons reflects the students’ positive attitudes to the subject.  Students are focused on achieving their aspirational targets and always look for ways to improve their Technology and Construction skills.

GCSE Results

Across the range of Technology subjects offered which includes Food, Textiles, Graphic Products and Construction, 58% of students achieved A*- C grades.

A Level Results

45% of A Level students in the Technology subjects of Food, Textiles and Graphic Products achieved grades A*- C.

Students’ Views and Attitudes

Students are highly enthusiastic about their learning in Technology lessons and participate fully in lessons and in extra-curricular activities.

Students feel safe and supported in lessons and this enables them to have the confidence to take appropriate risks with their creative ideas and learn to use wide range of tools and implements that the subject requires appropriately

Enrichment and Intervention

Catering IMG_7425The department runs a lot of intervention sessions, especially for KS4 and KS5 students, allowing them to improve their work. These sessions have led to some improvements in the achievement in specific subject areas. 

The department runs a Cooking Club and a Textile Bunting competition for Year 7 students after school and annual MasterChef and Bake Off competitions are held for students across the Key Stages; these are always extremely popular and the standard of competition is very high. Some year groups also participate in the inter-tutor baking competitions. In the 6th form, tutors and their students work together to outdo each other with their cooking skills and win points for their tutor groups.

This year, the department has also assisted a number of Year 10 students in completing the Cooking Skills component of their Duke of Edinburgh Award course.

Year 13 students often go on to study Technology related courses in further education, for example, Baking Technology; Textile Technology; Design and Technology Teacher Training.

Future Developments

Currently we are focused on improving achievement in specific areas of the subject at both GCSE and A Level and further develop the new Construction course at KS4.