Behavioural and Emotional Support Team

The Behavioural, Emotional and Social Team (BEST) offer the following services:

Student Observations – A member of the Behaviour and Emotional Support Team observes identified students in lessons and suggests strategies that may support the student’s behavioural or learning needs.  These strategies are used to inform the student’s Individual Educational Plan.

Building Positive Relationships Programme designed to support those students who experience problems in their relationships with others.  These programmes have been developed to include CBT techniques.

Managing Emotions Programme designed to assist students to explore more effective ways to identify and communicate their emotions.  Some students undertake more than one series of this programme.

Confidence Boost Programme aimed at students who exhibit low self esteem, low levels of confidence and an inability to assert themselves in a positive and appropriate way.

Managing Pressure Programme aimed at supporting students to cope with stress, particularly stress associated with examinations.

Bereavement Support - Students who have been bereaved are given the opportunity to meet together approximately once a half term to offer and receive mutual support.

Family Change programme aimed at supporting students who are experiencing changes in their family circumstances; this is usually, but not exclusively, as a result of the separation of parents.

Student Outreach Support – A number of students are identified to receive in class support to help them better meet the expectations of the learning environment.

Other support offered by the BES Team:

  • Support in tutor time, particularly where attendance and/or punctuality is a problem.
  • Support to improve attendance by early morning calls to students and close liaison with parents.
  • Support to re-integrate following long-term absence
  • Support in the completion of coursework.
  • Support for mid term admissions integrating into the school and catching up on work missed
  • Support in maintaining the work of lessons.
  • Withdrawal from Life lessons to focus on examination work when a student has fallen behind.
  • Mentoring and emotional support for vulnerable students
  • EAL support through co-ordination of the borough EAL support, provision of the English Improvers Club, in-class and PLUS support.  EAL students who are new to the school are offered time in PLUS in order to try to improve their English and to assist their integration into the school.