Funding Concerns - how you can help...?

Schools are having to make cuts to staffing and resources. This is because schools’ budgets have been cut by 8 – 10% in real terms over the last few years as unfunded pay rises, increased pension and NI costs and “taxes” such as the Apprenticeship Levy have meant schools have less money. This means cuts in other areas of the school to fund these extra costs.

Headteachers are not known for their militancy. However the information below, sent to parents/carers of secondary age children in the London Borough of Sutton, is a cry for help. We need you to help us signal to local and central government that school funding is in crisis. They are not listening to us and we hope they might instead listen to you.

Will you help protect your child’s education?

Please find below a public statement by Secondary Headteachers in the London Borough of Sutton giving you more information and how you can contact your local MP and local council. 



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