Year 10 - Silver Year

    Year 10

    Welcome to the Silver Year Group - Year 10 - 2019/20

    Below you will find just some of the important information that will help support your child through their year at Cheam High School.

    There is much more information available within the rest of the website and, as always, please contact the Year Team directly if you require any specific information.

    Our email address is:


    Key staff

    Year Leader: Miss Coady

    Year Manager: Mrs Moore

    Leadership Line Manager: Mr Smith



    Miss Boyd- 10BD

    Miss Bishop- 10BH

    Mr Colgate- 10CG

    Miss Giordano- 10GD

    Mr Martin- 10MA

    Mr Muller- 10MU

    Ms Parr- 10PA

    Dr Pizzorni- 10PI

    Miss Quigley- 10QY

    Mrs Walker and Mrs Nelson- 10WR

    Ms Wilson- 10WS

    Miss Young - 10YG


    Key dates for Year 10

    Monday 2nd September     Term begins

    Tuesday 1st October         Year 10 Information Evening

    Monday 21st October to Friday 1st November     Half term break

    December     Term 1 reports sent home

    Thursday 19th December     Term ends


    Monday 6th January     Term begins

    Thursday 9th January     Year 10 Subject Teacher Meeting

    w/c Monday 3rd February     Year 10 internal exams

    Monday 17th to Friday 21st February     Half term break

    March     Term 2 reports sent home

    Monday 23rd March to Friday 3rd April     Year 10 Work Experience

    Friday 3rd April     Term ends 


    Monday 20th April     Term begins

    Monday 25th May to Friday 29th May     Half term break

    June     Term 3 reports sent home

    Friday 17th July     Term ends


    School day

    Students are encouraged to be at school by 8:20am to ensure a prompt start to the day.

    A typical day at Cheam starts with tutor time or assembly and continues until the end of period 5 at 2:50pm.

    Tutor time: 8:30am - 8:50am

    Period 1: 8:50am - 9:50am

    Period 2: 9:50am - 10:50am

    Break: 10:50am - 11:10am

    Period 3: 11:10am -12:10pm

    Period 4: 12:50pm - 1:50pm

    Lunch for Years 9/10 and 11: 1:10pm - 1:50pm

    Period 5: 1:50pm - 2:50pm

    Please note: assembly day for Year 10 is a Tuesday


    Extra-curricular opportunities

    There are a variety of extra curricular clubs that take place after school as well as homework club and sports matches. Information regarding the wide range of extra curricular clubs that are available can be found here.

    Inter-tutor events

    In Year 10 these have included:

    • football
    • netball
    • Christmas decoratios
    • karaoke

    There are lots more exciting competitions to come- watch this space!

    The Swap-Shop

    We want to reward students who demonstrate characteristics of the Cheam MANTRA in as many ways as possible. 

    For Years 7 - 10 students can collect stamps at the swap shop during break on Tuesday's or Thursday's. One stamp is awarded for every 5 IRIS rewards they have received. These stamps can then be 'swapped' for a wide variety of items for the swap shop after school also on a Tuesday or Thursday. Items available include sweets, chocolates, popcorn, table tennis bats, refillable water bottles, free breakfast or lunch, £10/£20 and £50 vouchers, headphones, EarPods, Kindles and many more. Students can also choose to spend their rewards on planting tress or even donating to a charity of their choice.

    Cashless card payment system

    Information regarding the cashless card payment system can be found here.

    Uniform expectation

    Information regarding the uniform expectation can be found here.

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