Maths and Further Maths

All students who have shown an interest in continuing with maths into Year 12, whether to do Maths or Further Maths, have been sent a work book, exercise book and a link to a wide variety of  A level worksheets on Google Classroom along with a covering letter.

If you haven't recieved all this information and are interested in doing A level maths then please email:, FAO Ms Teague, letting us know and we can get them into the post to you as soon as possible.

Links to the worksheets are also provided below:

Algebra recap

(A) General algebra recap

Algebraic proof                               Algebraic proof answers

Expanding brackets

Rearranging formulae 1

Rearranging formulae 2

Rearranging formulae 3

Solving linear equations 1

Solving linear equations 2

Solving linear equations 3

Substitution recap

(B) Algebraic fractions

Add and subtract algebraic fractions

Divide algebraic fractions                Divide algebraic fractions answers

Simplifying algebraic frctions

Solve equations with algebraic fractions

(C) Functions

Basic functions

Composite functions

Inverse functions

(D) Inequalities


Inequalities on graphs 1

Inequalities on graphs 2

Solving inequalities

Quadratic inequalities                        Quadratic inequalities answers

(E) Quadratics

Completing the square 1

Completing the square 2

Factorising 1

Factorising 2

Solving quadratics by:

Completing the square                     Completing the square answers

Factorising                                          Factorising answers

Graphically                                         Graphically answers

Using the quadratic formula               

(F) Solving simultaneous equations

Linear equations

Non-linear equations

Graphical                                            Graphical answers