Safety information



Updated May 2021

We will be following government guidelines as closely as possible and taking all possible precautions to protect the health and safety of both students and staff.

We will make every effort to enforce social distancing between year group bubbles and staff, except for when students and staff need to pass each other in corridors which government advice describes as low risk as it is only very brief closeness between students and staff.  We will focus our efforts on ensuring stringent protective measures in other areas.  These are detailed below:


  • Students and staff should not attend the school site if they are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus.  For a full list of symptoms, see NHS guidance here.
  • Students and staff should also not attend the school site if they are self-isolating.
  • If a child is experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, please can parents/carers contact us as early as possible via the usual channels.  This will allow us to take appropriate next steps if necessary, in line with the government’s test and trace programme.
  • Parents/carers must inform the school by 8.30 am if their child cannot attend on a specific day.

Classroom procedures

  • Students will be seated 2 metres apart from the teacher and must remain seated for the duration of the majority of lessons. 
  • Some lessons may require students to move around on direction by a member of staff, however, students must stay 2 metres apart from all staff at all times. 
  • Rooms will be designed with students sitting side by side and facing the front. 
  • Students will remain in their year bubble throughout the day
  • Teachers will teach from the front of the room, ensuring social distancing between them and students at all times.
  • All materials for lessons for students will be placed on desks prior to students entering the classroom where possible; where this is not possible, material will be collected by students as instructed by the teacher or handed out by students.
  • Students will be expected to bring in their own pens and books for their lessons; equipment will not be lent to students.
  • LSAs in classrooms must be 2 metres apart from students and other staff wherever possible.
  • Students with LSA support may be removed from lessons at certain times for one to one support to take place. 
  • If staff need to work within 2 metres of others then they must wear the appropriate PPE.

Minimising general contact and entrance/exit to/from school site

  • Whilst there will inevitably be areas of the school site where enforcing social distancing will not be possible, we will remind all students of social distancing protocol regularly, especially the importance of social distancing on the way to classrooms and on the exit from the school site.
  • Students must be 2 metres from all staff members at all times as far as possible.
  • Start and finish times to the school days will be staggered to minimise groupings of students on entrance and exit from the school site; students will also enter and exit the site from two different points.
  • Each year group will be allocated a separate area before school, at break and at lunchtime.  As far as possible, there will be no mixing between students across year groups.
  • Students will be provided with specific instructions where their social area is before school and how to enter this area. 
  • Students should only use public transport to and from school where there is no alternative and we encourage all students to walk or cycle to school wherever possible.

Hygiene practices

  • Students and staff will be expected to use hand sanitizer when they arrive in school.  This will happen on entrance to the first classroom of the day.
  • Students will be expected to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands every time they enter/return to a classroom throughout the school day.
  • Students will be reminded to wash their hands thoroughly when they have returned home.
  • All pupils will be able to use hand sanitizer/wash hands in the classroom if they sneeze/cough and if there is any other hygiene related concern.
  • We will continue to ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting and implementing the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  • Students must have a plain face mask with them at all times.  Students must wear face masks when instructed to do so, e.g. during a fire drill and when social distancing between year bubbles is not possible. Click here for advice on how to wear a face covering. 
  • If you wish your child to wear a face mask all day then please contact the school.
  • All staff will be provided with PPE (face visors and gloves) should they wish to wear it.
  • Teaching staff will be allocated their own personal mouse, keyboard, whiteboard pens/rubbers and interactive whiteboard pen to minimise potential transfer of infection between staff.

Additional cleaning

  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting will be taking place in classrooms, toilets and corridors that are in use.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned at the end of the school and not used again until the next day.

There will be cleaners on-site throughout the school day cleaning high use areas (e.g. PE changing rooms which will be cleaned between lessons). 

  • Wherever possible (allowing for fire safety requirements) we will open windows and prop doors open so that these are not regularly touched and good air-flow is maintained.


  • All students will be able to access food and drinks at break and lunchtime.  There will be staggered access to canteens throughout the day. 
  • Each year group will be allocated a specific canteen at a specific time.  In some cases this may mean that students cannot access the normal school menu and adaptations will need to be made.
  • Students will need to bring in their own filled water bottle.  There will be access to water on site, however, only at specific times. 


  • As always, in any event of poor behaviour / breaches of safety instructions from students, they may be isolated or excluded from school if this is judged appropriate by the school.  Our behaviour policy has been updated to reflect current circumstances and make clear potential consequences for Covid-related misbehavior.  Where necessary, meeting with Senior Leadership and parents/carers will follow to discuss next steps.
  • All students must wear full school uniform when attending school; this will help us ensure the safety and security of the school site.

Additional Measures and Information

  • PPE equipment will be provided to all staff and additional PPE will be provided to those with first aid responsibilities or those who may have to come in close contact with students. 
  • Government guidelines do not recommend that schools take students’ temperature each morning as routine testing of an individual’s temperature is not a reliable method for identifying coronavirus.
  • Please note that testing is available to all secondary school staff and students and we will follow government guidelines regarding track and trace measures and any suspected cases that occur in the school community.

Please click here for the School’s Risk Assessment updated May 2021