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Year 7 and 8 Health Kick in the LRC

Posted: 23/06/17

Year 7 and 8 Health Kick in the LRC
Last week, students were invited to join the LRC at lunchtime to participate in our ‘Health Kick’ activities.
On Monday 12th June we followed the 'Fitness All Sports Workout'. Students were given a neon sweat head band to keep cool. Tuesday 13th June was 'Rest and Recover' with gentle chair exercise to some toe tapping tunes and a delicious tropical healthy drink was also on offer.
We finished on Wednesday 14th June with 'Test your Senses'. Students were asked to smell, feel various fruit and vegetables. If they guessed five correct answers, they won a delicious fruit kebab. We revealed the names of all of the items which was a real surprise to most of our students who had identified the passion fruit as a plum! Even the competitive PE department had a go, with one clear winner! Congratulations to Miss Bruce who correctly identified everything.
This certainly was an enjoyable event for all and helped students to understand what a healthy lifestyle entails.