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Borough Cricket Competition

Posted: 23/06/17

Borough Cricket Competition
On Thursday 15th June, Year 7 and 8 Girls took part in the Sutton Borough Inter-Cricket Competition. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day for a cricket tournament, so all the girls were really excited. The event was held at Beddington Cricket Club with four other teams competing: Wallington Girls A, Wallington Girls B, Nonsuch and Stanley Park.
Each side batted for eight overs and wides/no balls had two runs added, so the girls had to ensure their over-arm bowling technique was perfect and batters made as many runs as they could.
The first game was against Nonsuch. The opposition gave away a lot of wide bowls which meant Cheam were awarded two runs each time. Emily T and Ellie S batted first and hit a few over the boundary line which led to Cheam’s first victory of 75 runs to 48 runs.
The following game was against Wallington Girls’ A team which was a tough game. Wallington had a fast bowling technique, which meant a few of the girls were stumped out, and when we were fielding Wallington hit most of their balls over the boundary line meaning they received six runs. Unfortunately, we lost 80 runs to 54 runs, however Amber H, who was captain, kept the girls’ spirits up and prepared them for their next game.
The third game was against Wallington Girls’ B Team. This was a really a good game as Eshal T’s bowling was excellent with no wides given and whilst fielding Ellie S caught two batters out. When it was Cheam’s turn to bat, the team worked together and pushed themselves to get as many runs as possible. It was close game, but they won 79 runs to 70 runs.
The final game was a tight match against Stanley Park. After both teams had bowled their two overs the points were even. However, Cheam managed to bring it back in the final overs with both Daisy and Louise hitting the ball over the boundary line scoring six runs. Cheam won this game 85 runs to 65 runs.
The girls gave 100% and showed fantastic team work and some really impressive batting and bowling skills. The final result meant Cheam were the runners up. This was a huge achievement as a new cricket team and they should all be really proud of themselves.
Girls’ Cricket Team:
Year 7: Ellie S, Emily T, Louise A, Eshal T, Daisy P, Jessica S and Lauren J
Year 8: Chloe D, Amber H