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Jekyll & Hyde Review

Posted: 9/02/18

Jekyll & Hyde Review

By Sarah Barnes Year 11

On Friday 2nd February Ginificent Productions came to our school to perform a rendition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. 

We were greeted with a Victorian living room featuring a fire place, worn out leather chair and TV cleverly used to represent the different chapters and scenes in the novella. 

Utterson was the first character we met, wearing a smart suit and a pocket watch that perfectly represented the shrewd Victorian gentleman he is described as in the book. Shortly after, Enfield walked out from behind a door which was used many times during the production and marked the beginning of the first chapter where he describes to Utterson how Hyde trampled over a girl. 

With the introduction of Utterson’s servant, the audience soon realised that all eight characters were going to be played by three actors, which was a feat! 

In all the violent scenes, the TV was used with silhouettes of the characters involved to show the action with the speakers narrating, just as it happens in the novel. 

The chair was used throughout many scenes especially when the transformations between Jekyll and Hyde took place as it was drawn in front of the fireplace. A smoke machine, as well as music, created an eerie atmosphere that contributed to the overall reveal of Jekyll, helping the audience to understand why Lanyon was so shocked and why this subsequently led to his death.

Overall this was a well-acted interpretation of the abstract novella and achieved the purpose of helping many students understand the order of events and the reasons behind them, knowledge which will be helpful in the GCSE Literature examination on the text.