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Philosophy Trip to Rome

Posted: 2/03/18

Philosophy Trip to Rome

Over the first weekend of February half term, four Philosophy students embarked on a trip to the city which is at the heart of the Catholic Church: Rome. Students visited historical sites such as the impressive Colosseum and the steps of the Senate House where Julius Caesar was murdered, as well as having a highly educational tour of the Vatican Museum. Whilst in the Vatican City, students had the opportunity to witness the Pope appearing from the window of his apartment at St Peter’s Cathedral and listen to him giving a short speech and bless the crowds. Laura commented that it was “amazing to see the Pope” and “have a chance to do something I might otherwise not do”.

Not only was it an educational trip regarding Philosophy and Religion, but also a trip where students could immerse themselves in the richness of Italian culture. Walking over 15,000 steps a day we had to break it up with tasty lunches and suppers of authentic Roman pizzas, Italian pasta and salad dishes as well as having treats such as real Italian pistachio, chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice-cream. 

Oliver described the trip as a wonderful opportunity. He said “There is no city that is as beautiful as Rome…every building is in perfect harmony with its surroundings and is a work of art. They even had a cat sanctuary made where Julius Caesar was murdered!”

Raja added that she “really enjoyed the trip to Rome. We got the opportunity to do a vast array of activities and bonded as a group.”