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Year 8 Construction Taster Session

Posted: 16/03/18

Year 8 Construction Taster Session

This week saw the start of a new taster session for Year 8 students. A class was given the opportunity to have one lesson in Construction in which they were put into groups to complete a Construction challenge set by Mr Bailey. Students had to assemble an IKEA flat-pack drawer unit as quickly as possible.  The units were purchased from a local recycling facility with money raised going to charity.

In the lesson, two teams of girls were pitted against three teams of boys. The winning team, Ellie S, Evie S, Lauren J, Esheil T (pictured), completed the task in an impressive 30 minutes, which included an extension task to drill and fit handles. Many students learned the importance of reading the instructions first, rather than looking at them once things have gone wrong (!), and the task was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  

 The Construction team are looking forward to seeing some of the students develop their skills further if they select Construction as an option subject later this year.