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Year 8 Maths, Magic and Dragons

Posted: 20/04/18

Year 8 Maths, Magic and Dragons

On Wednesday 7th March Mr Macgregor took 10 Year 8 students to Trinity college in Croydon. The students enjoyed a fantastic afternoon investigating the mathematics behind magic tricks and illusions. The event was led by the Further Maths Support Programme.

The students were given a very engaging presentation looking into how magic tricks are created using engineering and mathematics. The students had a really enjoyable afternoon and learnt some really interesting tricks. The students were shown how to throw knots in a rope, how to create a basic motor and how to drop a ring onto a closed piece of string!

After the students were shown the wide variety of illusions and tricks, they were given time to practise and perfect them. Once the students had finished practising they were given a short break before the dragon’s team relay. The teams were made up of 4 to 6 students and each team had to answer questions to grow the biggest dragon! All students from Cheam High participated extremely well and worked together with efficiency. First place was tied between two teams, one of which had a student from Cheam High school. This winning team answered all twenty-six questions, as well as four bonus questions.

Well done to Taylor and his team who were the champions of the dragon relay and thank you to all the students who attended this trip. All students were excellent ambassadors for the school and worked incredibly hard with all the tasks they were given. 

The students involved were: Taylor, Kane, Artem, Morgan, Eunji, Rathvini, Reece, Chichi, Kovu and Oliver.