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Just a Minute: KS3 Literacy Competition

Posted: 20/04/18

Just a Minute: KS3 Literacy Competition

In the final week before the Easter holidays, the Just a Minute Competition took place for both Years 7 and 8. This competition tests students’ ability to talk on a given topic for one whole minute. If a competitor at any point repeats themselves, deviates from the topic or hesitates, they lose points. A tricky task indeed!

Both year groups had been able to practise in the lead-up to this event during tutor time and it was clear that they all took the competition very seriously! 

This was a well-attended event and the judges were lucky enough to see some excellent talent for talking - a skill we all knew our Cheam High students were good at! The winners were:


First place: Amy Byrne

Second place (joint): Jeremy Duamroh, Thanusa Ramkumar

Third place: Charlie Hogan-Bennett

Funniest: Jacob Howe

Most enthusiastic: Darunal Subramaniyan



First place: Zach Cummings

Second place (joint): Reece Long, Ria Nembhard

Third place: Jimmy Hurley

A massive congratulations to all the students who attended – you did incredibly well and showed that you are able to think clearly under pressure and articulate effectively. Well done!