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Year 8 – Puzzle Day

Posted: 27/04/18

On Monday 16th April all students in Year 8 took part in our annual Puzzle Day. The sessions were run by the Happy Puzzle Company who brought a range of activities to test resilience with problem solving. 

The first activity was “Perilous Penguins”, where students had to stack thirty penguins on a wobbly iceberg without any falling off. The next activity was a 20-piece jigsaw of a road map which had over 70,000 solutions. Our students only had to find one! There were a range of approaches to this activity with everyone showing excellent enthusiasm! Other activities included a pipe work jigsaw, hexagonal colour coded jigsaw and many more. 

Rebecca, from The Happy Puzzle Company said: 

“The students were all amazing, they never gave up and showed excellent teamwork with all the challenges! I was a bit nervous about teaching high school students but they were wonderful to work with!”

A student in 8M-K1 said: 

“The puzzle with all the pipes took us ages! I was so happy when we finally got it!” 

A student in 8M-QA said: 

“The road map puzzle was well hard! I was so happy that we completed before my friends group!’’

A massive thank you to all of the students who took part in Puzzle Day; all students were excellent ambassadors for the school and a pleasure to work with.