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World Cup in the LRC

Posted: 29/06/18

World Cup in the LRC

Over the past fortnight the LRC has been host to ‘World Cup Football Mania’. A table football competition took place which saw 32 students from all Years battling against one another to take the top prize - the football table itself! After a hard fought contest, it came down to a final between Marco (Year 10) and Ashton (Year 7).

The final was extremely tense, after a six-all finish extra time was required. In the last few seconds Ashton scored a superb goal to crown him the winner of the tournament. Well done Ashton!


On Wednesday students were invited to eat their way around the World Cup by tasting foods from 24 of the countries taking part. This proved to be a very popular event and students were keen to try everything on offer, including sardines from Portugal, Vegemite from Australia and Dulce de Leche from Argentina, all washed down with guava juice from Columbia. As a special treat Sweden was represented by Daim bars!

It was fantastic to see so many students at this event and their behaviour and manners were exemplary.

Thank you to everyone who took part.